Affordable Care Act of 2012

The current topic in my household has been centered on the Affordable Care Act and the government’s attempt at requiring businesses to provide contraception to their employees, as well as abortion procedures.  It was shot down pretty quickly by religious institutions; I am just hoping that the influence of these people and their interest groups will not cause this portion of the Affordable Care Act to completely disintegrate. My girlfriend has had a lot to say on this topic, especially in light of recent events at UCF’s main campus where a religious organization went as far as displaying extremely large and inappropriate pictures of aborted babies. My opinion of all this is simple, abortions are terrible horrible things that are done but it all comes down to one indisputable fact, it is the woman’s body and she can do whatever she chooses with it. There should never be any government intervention because that goes against every right given to us by the Constitution.

Making something legal is not necessarily saying that something is okay or not okay. It is just simply saying that it is our rights as human beings to do what we want with our bodies. If the religious institution wants to make it unacceptable for the people within their congregation to use contraception or get an abortion, than that is completely their choice. It is not okay however, to require people who do not believe in same things to follow their rules as they see fit. This situation works both ways and is why I believe that the government cannot require these religious organizations to provide contraception and abortion procedures to their employees, especially when it goes against everything they believe in.

One of the most problematic issues in this whole debacle and the one that has got most women riled up is the fact that there are men out there that are trying to push this belief on Congress and make it so that women will no longer have rights to their own bodies. The thing that baffles my mind and I’m a guy, is what are these men doing trying to tell women how to run their lives? I don’t know what it’s like to be a woman and I know these men don’t know either so it’s completely unfair for anyone to advocate against something that is going to drastically change a majority of peoples’ lives and not in a good way, especially when they can’t even sympathize with them.


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