Air vs Air. What is better?

Can you substitute the new Apple iPad Air for a Apple MacBook Air? That is a big question now that Apple offers two types of “Air” products. Apple first introduced the MacBook Air a couple years ago. Its main feature was it had the same power as a MacBook Pro but was slimmer and was half the weight. Apple released the iPad Air a week ago with the same thing in mind. The iPad air is a lot thinner than the previous version of the iPad and it also weighs less.

When it comes to performance the iPad Air and the MacBook Air are totally different when it comes to the operating system. The MacBook Air runs on Apples OSX operating system which is Apple’s computer operating system and the IPad Air runs on the iOS7 operating system which is Apple’s “Mobile” operating system which is found on the iPad and iPhone. The MacBook Air allows users to have the full capability of a computer where the iPad Air only give the users apps just like an iPhone. With all Apple OSX devices (MacBooks and iMacs) you can still download apps as well to use on your device. There is a huge price difference between the two. The 11-inch MacBook Air starts at $999 and the iPad Air starts at $499. Where the iPad does have the MacBook Air is that it is a lot more portable because it is smaller. You can simply slip it into your briefcase or purse and be on your way. Over all both devices are amazing. I own a MacBook Air and absolutely love it.

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