Airport Security: Does the Protection Outweigh the Right to Privacy

As I passed through security on my way to a Thanksgiving vacation, I was stopped for a random screening by the TSA. After they swabbed my hands, I tested positive for explosives residue. Shocker. So after that, I was taken into a private room, my bags foraged through and my body patted down to the point I felt he deserved a tip. Annoying? Yes. Inconvenient? Yes. Necessary? Well I never thought I’d be the one saying this but…yes.

Even though it is completely a breech of privacy, I do believe this is one matter that I’m willing to let pass. I mean, what harm is a few minutes of discomfort when it could theoretically reduce the risk of lives being lost by some malicious person hell-bent on taking down a plane. It’s impossible to say the complete impact these security regulations have had but I can bet that it has changed the mind of a few, would-be criminals from even thinking about completing their plan.

The famous quote by Benjamin Franklin regarding liberty and safety has held a special spot in my mind since first reading it. I agree that it’s wrong to keep track of everyone’s online activity but for something as simple as random screenings at an airport, I can live with that.

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