All Hail Television, Great Leader of the Masses

Taking a look back into history, one can see that people love to be entertained.  The invention of the radio had little Johnnie racing indoors to catch the latest broadcast of his adventures over the airwaves.  The invention of motion pictures brought crowds of people to the theaters to see their favorite actors on the silver screen.  So, is it any surprise to you that television holds such an influence over people today

The television allows for people to escape reality without leaving the comfort of their homes.  They get drawn into the lives of the characters to the point of feeling an emotional connection with them.  The viewer cries when the actor cries, laughs when the actor laughs, and gets angry when their favorite character is done wrong by another character.  All of these emotions are ones that are felt generally felt amongst family and friends.  After a person spends a certain amount of time within their social group, they tend to emulate the other members.  So, it only seem fitting that a person would start to follow the lifestyle portrayed on TV after a certain amount of time tuning in on a regular basis

A lot of good can come from realizing the strong hold television has on the masses.  However, a lot of bad can come from it as well.  If people follow the lives that are portrayed on TV, then perhaps it should be cautioned what is broadcasted.  Maybe more producers should realize the effect they have on their fan base and decide to create more moral entertainment.  A show including a woman who cheats on her husband and tries not to get caught might be viewed as more entertaining to some, but is that really the society we want to live in?

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