All the exclusive highlights from the Pope’s visit to the USA and find out what company possibly made all this possible!

Pope Francis has made many citizens very happy after this amazing week of meeting and greeting around the country. He has been all over starting at Washington D.C. where he met president Obama and the First Lady, then moved to New York, also traveling to Philadelphia. This is the 10th time that a pope comes and visits the U.S, but this is Pope Francis first visit.

He has been very encouraging to immigrants, bringing some light on what up and coming politicians are making headlines on depiction all illegal immigrants. So he is try to make the peopl fight for what they believe they deserve so they can have a better future, the Pope is originally from Argentina, so he definitely know what it is like to be an immigrant but of course he has totally different process than everyone else. But he just wants people to know get so frustrated on swim thing that might not even happen in the future, he wants them to be happy with themselves wherever they are.

Also one the other interesting highlights from his 6-day trip in America is that we can all agree that he has been giving Fiat major advertising from riding the cars wherever he goes, super creative and clever advertising that they did, I mean who has a better judgement and honesty policy the the Pope? No one! So it will definitely give a new image to Fiat, besides being a fun little European car, now they are vey safe and comfortable or at least that the idea it represent from having me the Pope ride their cars. I am sure the paid for he triop so he can use the car, there has to be a catch, but very good product placement that caught people’s attention.

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