Alleged Justin Bieber Imposter Accused of Abusing Girl Online

Just recently, a Canadian man was arrested (34 years old) for posing as Justin Bieber online to numerous young girls.  But in this case a young girl by the age of 12 years old claimed her and Moir were e-mailing back and forth and she was certain it was Justin Bieber.  The young girl stated they shared a relationship but there was no surprise the man seemed a bit suspicious.  Apparently, Moir would tell the young girl to take off her clothes and do sexual acts so that he could watch.  He then told her he planned on posting these videos on the internet, including pornographic websites.

Officials investigated the issue because the young girl was suspicious and spoke up about the situation.  Police then posed as the young girl telling Moir to meet her somewhere so they can finally be introduced in person.  Instead, on April 4th Moir was arrested as soon as he arrived at the place.  Later, officials say this is not the first time Moir has been investigated for sexual abuse, there are many more young girls who have been victims of Moir.

This story makes me sick to be honest.  It disgusts me that there are people who do these kind of things here in our country.  Moir being one of million sex abusers here in the United States and he is one who got caught.  Police need to do something more about this issue because many young children could be in danger.  The internet is a scary atmosphere, especially for young girls because they are who creepy men like Moir prey on.  This is a serious matter and parents should also be more alert to what exactly their children are doing over the internet as well as who they are communicating with.

It is a crazy and dangerous world out there and people prey on young children because they are more vulnerable to give in.  Just like this one 12 year old girl who was manipulated into thinking she was having an intimate relationship with Justin Bieber when she is only 12.  She is not at the age where she should even be thinking about relationships.  Luckily, Moir was arrested and hopefully she learned from that because you never know who you are communicating with over the internet.  There are crazy people everywhere and as for parents, they need to keep a close eye on what their children are doing on the computer.

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