AMC Movie Theater Hates Google Glass

            In Columbus, Ohio at the AMC Theater Federal Agents escorted a man out of the Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit movie for wearing Google Glasses. The man told the Agents that he had turned off the glasses, but kept them on because they were also his prescription glasses. This was the third time the person had brought his Google Glasses to the theater and never had an issue with the employees. He even had the AMC employees ask him questions about the glasses when buying tickets and food. The man was interrogated for about three hours being questioned about the incident. They finally let him go after they asked him multiple questions and then finally checked the glasses and his cell phone for any video recordings and found none. For the inconvenience the AMC manager gave him extra passes for his troubles.

            This incident makes you wonder who was at fault. When we go the theater the understanding is to not bring in or turn on a recording device into the room. The costumer didn’t have the glasses on, but they were still visible to the public.  I believe he should have had an extra pair of glasses on him since he knew he was going to watch a movie since the device can record. When you go to any screener of a film they ask you to put your phone/recording device away and not to take it out during the film. This would also include Google Glasses, so the costumer should have known better to not have them on. It was wrong of the Agents to withhold the costumer for so many hours when they could have just checked his devices first before asking him multiple questions.

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