American Foxhound Wins Best in Show at National Dog Show

Jewel, an American foxhound took best in show at the National Dog Show this year. The foxhound displayed poise and finesse that earned her the title, beating out the other finalists for the top award.

Each Thanksgiving Americans across the country gather together to give thanks, enjoy food, be with their family, watch football and cheer for their favorite breed in the National Dog Show. This year was no different as fierce competition trotted its way across millions of television screens and into the hearts of those watching at home.

The American foxhound won the hound group and proceeded to the best in show deliberations where it was matched up against the winners from the herding, toy, terrier, sporting, non-sporting and working groups. For a moment it seemed as though a Pekingese named Rodger, winner of the toy group, might steal the show as his stubby paws dashed about under posh layers of straight fur. In a way it was fitting that the American foxhound won on this most American of holidays, Thanksgiving. While the foxhound may not have displayed the personality of some of the other breeds, she was a prime example of a hound, fit and focused with maturity and grace.

While most viewers hoped for a particular favorite breed to take the prize, it seemed acceptable that the American foxhound won best in show. I personally found myself rooting for the Bernese mountain dog (a personal favorite) and later for Banana Joe, an Affenpinscher who won the Westminster Dog Show earlier this year but failed to win even the toy group at the National Dog Show.

Host John O’Hurley said it best when he told the viewers at home that no matter which breed won, the real best in show is the dog beside you at home. For more information about breeds and shows visit the American Kennel Club website, found below.

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