American Music Awards: Rihanna receives Icon Award, and Performs her song Diamonds.

Since her debut to the world back in 2005 Rihanna has had a hit in the top 10 charts every year since then.  Rihanna is an artist that is untouchable when it comes to making music.  Just recently Rihanna had her 25th Hot 100 Top 10 Hit from her new song The Monster with Eminem.   During last night American Music Award Rihanna was honored for her music.

Rihanna who is only 25 years old took home what might’ve been the vaguest of all awards at Sunday’s Night American Music Awards: the Icon Award was presented to the pop singer by her mother. The Icon Award was to honor the pop star for providing the soundtrack to our 21st century years and lives.

Rihanna mother Monica Fenty said “I know the journey and your career has not always been an easy one. But tonight I applaud and admire you for being strong and so positive and so humble and so focused.

Rihanna’s performance of “Diamonds” during which the 25 year-old dominated the stage with and orchestra reminded people of a young Grace Jones.

The pop star was powerfully reclaiming the lines about being beautiful in the sky, and making them sound more inevitable then before.

What will be next for Rihanna to conquer? Will Rihanna ever go wrong when it comes to making music? Whether you like what she does on social media Rihanna has been an artist that has changed the music industry. We will wait and see to what Rihanna will bring to us with her next album. There is no denying the talent and sex appeal that she brings through her music.




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