America’s Bandstand Has Fallen.

Farewell to an American Idol. A man that many called the true American Idol, Dick Clark has passed at the age of 82. Wednesday afternoon, confirmations swarmed the news of Clark’s death, causing a swarm of memories and sadness to rush across the face of entertainment. For adults, many remember Dick Clark on “American Bandstand” and for all the great TV shows he has produced. He was a truly pivotal figure in America who brought rock to our homes for over 5 decades, his inspiring work and character will truly be missed.

New Year’s Eve will never be the same. That fateful Wednesday morning, April 18th, Dick Clark had been residing in St. John’s Hospital in L.A. where he suffered a “massive heart attack” after a medical procedure. Shortly after, Clark’s agent confirmed the news that the music and TV legend had passed.

Dick Clark was known for his youthful appearance and gained the nickname, America’s Oldest Teenager not only for his good looks, but for bringing such incredible music variety into the lives of teens since as early as the 60’s with shows such as American Bandstand. More recent generations will recognize the name from the New Year’s Rockin” Eve show that  we all patiently await each New Years Eve.

Many I’m sure are unaware, but this isn’t Dick Clark’s first medical downfall. Clark suffered from a significant stroke in 2004, thus leading Ryan Seacrest to take over his New Year’s show in 2006, leaving Clark to make appearances in the following years. Many think that due to Clark’s death, Seacrest will continue to host the show and may possibly earn a spot in the title. I personally hope they continue to shine Dick Clark’s name every New Year’s Eve to remember the rockin’ time we all have shared with him at one point of our lives.

Following Clark’s death, his family was unsure if they would make the funeral a public service, and later decided against it. Dick Clark was cremated on April 20th and his ashes were scattered in the Pacific Ocean. To show his popularity to all of us, President Barrack Obama had this to share shortly after Clark’s passing, “With American Bandstand, he introduced decades’ worth of viewers to the music of our times. He reshaped the television landscape forever as a creative and innovative producer. An, of course, for 40 years, we welcomed into our homes to ring in the New Year.

With age comes a dropping ball of life, similar to the one America followed with Dick Clark for many years before now and the celebration of his life that we will forever remember in our hearts.

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