An Interesting New Trend In M-Commerce

What is it about the holidays that makes people crazy about purchasing? Nobody really stops to think about the volumes that some businesses see during these hectic times of the year; swamped with orders that need to be fulfilled ASAP. Seeing as I am a warehouse worker for a teak furniture company, I have a lot of background knowledge about the happenings and overall business of the season.

Our websites allow us to track how people order our products, and this year we’ve seen a lot more M-commerce (bought by their mobile smartphones) purchases over any other year. With it also is an increase in the overall volume of products ordered, which intrigued me. Last year, we had a pretty hefty Christmas season of sales. But, this year showed a vast improvement simply because of M-commerce.

This got me thinking. Do mobile devices truly connect a business to their clients that drastically? I had always thought that mobile purchasing was more a newer generation thing (our main clients are of the older generational variety).

This type of behavior doesn’t stop at just my warehouse, though. I’ve talked to a few other people who work in shipping or warehouses for other companies and they too have noticed a vast increase in M-commerce. With these types of technology in the past, the growth of the usage generally spans over a few years. This, however, was seen to explode over one year.

The availability of such devices must be reaching out a lot farther these days. I’ve noticed a lot of good deals on tablets and smartphones being pushed out this year for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. I think businesses have finally started noticing the power of M-commerce, too. A lot of major store chains have had their mobile applications re-done to allow a more comfortable shopping experience on smartphones and tablets. It’s making for an interesting and busy holiday season; for me at least.

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