And After 3 Weeks of NFL Football The Worst Team in The League Is……………

Ok for this post I had to do a lot of research.  Not really at all.  There were eight teams in the NFL with zero wins.  Yeah that is right.  Eight.  It is hard to believe since the NFL tries to have as much competitive balance and parity as possible, but this year there are a bunch of teams that aren’t playing very well.  The most surprising win less team is probably the Giants or the Steelers.  I can’t believe it either.  The Steelers and the Giants are both 0-3.  But they are far from the worst.

The worst team in the NFL in my opinion is the Jacksonville Jaguars.  This is particularly hard for me to say.  Why you ask?  Because I was born and raised in Jacksonville and I am a hard core Jaguar fan.  It is true.  There are very few of us, but I am one.   After their 45-17 loss to the Seahawks (who might be the best team in the NFL) I have come to conclusion that they are probably the worst team in the NFL.  They have zero offense and their defense is not much better.  This team struggles to even get first downs.  It is actually pretty painful to watch.

Now granted the Jaguars are in a whole new regimen.  New coach, new General Manager, new owner.  But the results are always the same with this team.  They just know how to lose and they know how to lose bad.  Maybe things will change?  Who knows?  But right now, this team is in serious contention to go 0-16.  Something that is pretty much unheard of.  There have only been two completely win less teams in the past thirty five years or so.  All I know is, they better figure something out, because as a Jaguar fan it is pretty embarrassing to watch.  I really hope they can turn things around.  Right now the Jaguars are the worst team in the league.  Anyone got a miracle they can borrow?

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