Apple comes out with their latest iPhone yet! —Adding a very unexpected color to their collection.

Apple has definitely left everyone speechless with their new line of products that they came out with this past week. By now we all know that they release their new products around this time of year between September and November. Most people who die hard fans patiently wait the whole year just for this moment.

About two years ago and also last year the big news that everyone was very excited about was that Apple added Gold version of the iPhone and iPad Air 2. It was a major breakthrough since people had been so used to by them to just black or white, no colors, since Apple’s image and design is sophisticated, modern and elegant, so adding colors was definitely a different type platform that they successfully achieved and it made people super happy to try having something with a little more personality.

But now Apple has stepped up their game even more so with completely unexpected color- Pink! like what? Wow, they even left me speechless to say the least. I would have never pictured such a classy company with a pink phone. Even though the phone, it’s not in stores yet, people had been pre-ordering it since they saw it. It looks pretty neat, it’s like a metallic pink, but Apple, of course, gave a more fun name- Rose Gold… If that doesn’t sound expensive, I don’t know what else.

Now people can choose between the already existingcolors which are black, white, white with gold, and now with rose gold depending on their preference, in my case I am pretty excited to see if I can get my hands in one of the pink ones, the phone does look awesome. Once again great job Apple, keep doing what you’re doing.

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