Applying for an Internship – Things to Consider

I’ve been applying for multiple internships for this summer.  Luckily, I have one already in Texas but only for a small amount of time a week.  So basically I need/want something else to do along with it.  It’s not always easy finding the “right” internship.  But it’s also not easy when you don’t get the one you want.  I have applied for quite a few different internships that I’ve wanted and haven’t gotten.  It sucks, but it’s definitely helped me learn about what I need to change or what I can change that might help me later.

First off, get your résumé checked.  Have someone else look at it or look up examples on line.  A résumé is very important and at first glance can cost you your job.  Make sure it’s not redundant and really does highlight what you are able to do.

Also, make an eye catching cover letter.  Make yourself stand out and show a bit of your personality.  A résumé shows the facts, but your cover letter is you getting the employers attention.

Finally,  be confident! Be assertive and sure that it’s something you want.  Especially if you get an interview.  It is one thing to put it on paper, but you need to be what your résumé says and more.  If they liked your application enough than they will probably like you in person as well.  You just have to be comfortable and make them want to work with you.

A lot of what you do is about your attitude.  If you go into something prepared,  you will feel better and the outcome will be better too.

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