April Fools Day In the Technological World

It’s the same thing every April 1st, technology companies try to outdo each other with pranks, there even seemed to be a little prank war going on between rivals Google and Microsoft Bing. This is the one day where productivity at technology companies and productivity everywhere else is at an all time low. Google unveiled its plan for a new program called Google Nose, and Aromabase of over 15 million scent bytes, and also a new version of Google maps called Treasure Mode that takes the user on a treasure hunt for a long lost Scottish soldiers treasure. Bing was enjoying taking its hits against Google by changing its main page to look like Google’s stark white layout, and having other little jabs against Google on its page. Of course Google had its fun with Microsoft, by making fun of its Windows Blue update, by creating the program Gmail Blue, which claims to be “just like Gmail, only bluer”.
Social Media also got in on the April Fools pranks with Twitter announcing that it will now be a paid service, and that only “premium” users will be able to use vowels; everyone else will be forced to use consonant only micro blogging. Sony also unveiled its new “Animalia” electronics line, which has feline headphones and dog paw friendly remote controls. Finally, Facebook announced that they were launching a new initiative where the users could only update their status at 4:01 am or 4:01 pm…haha just kidding, Happy April Fool’s Day!

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