April Fools Day: The most terrifying day for a socially awkward person

Today is April 1st, also known as April Fools day. Today is the only day it is socially acceptable, and even expected, for people to prank random strangers and cause general mayhem. For a person who is already afraid of the world and what the people in it do to each other on a regular day, today is especially terrifying. A person already lacking social skills can really become hurt by the actions of people partaking in today’s tomfoolery.

While harmful pranks are still considered taboo in today’s culture, younger people with little to no responsibility do not see harm where others would. A simple prank, say blocking cars in a parking lot, could drastically effect people’s daily lives, and could potentially be dangerous, especially if someone’s wellbeing depends on being on time. This would be really annoying and hurtful for a person who respects society and just wishes to be left alone, but today nurtures interactions that an introvert would dread to be a part of.

It’s interesting how this day has turned into ‘National Lie or be Annoying to Everyone Day’, when it would generally not be acceptable behavior anywhere. It also encourages distrust in everything, as you don’t want to be caught by a lie or tricked into doing something embarrassing. Today only encourages introverts and skeptics to be on their guard all day, expecting any second that something will happen involving some sort of prank. It’s a terrifying day to be an introvert today.

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