Are we getting too much information?

There is no denying in todays society that we are fed an overwhelming amount of information. However its the source of the information that is changing. People are relying more on the  internets capability to relay important information rather than waiting for the nightly news or daily paper. Recent studies reported that there are more than 70 million blogs and 150 million websites todays, this number is increasing at a rate of 10,000 an hour! That is absolutely insane, it illustrates that the internet is nowhere near done growing. I definitely think the low costs of creating a blog or website are a huge factor in this increasing rate but also how accessible the internet has made information.  You can practically get all the same information and more online than you would ever get from reading a newspaper or watching television.


This internet era has unfortunately caused newspapers to go bankrupt and television stations to cut employees because they are now focused so much on profitability. Typically it is thought that the baby boomer generation is unhappy with these changes because they are so used to only every having newspapers and print journalism. But even myself, a senior in college am unhappy about the internet uproar. As great as it is to be able to hop online and search anything in seconds, I appreciate tangible items and human interactions. It scares me where the internet is going because it seems like it has the power to overtake traditional practices and rule the world.


In todays fast paced society, the internet is a great tool to have and allows for journalists to report stories quickly and update them easily. But like I said, this is just the beginning with newspapers being integrated online. When is it going to end? The internet isn’t just changing standard practices for journalists, there are tons of companies nowadays who are working solely from the internet. Some of these same companies have almost eliminated all human interaction with customers. Personally this makes me feel like I am not as valued as a customer, if we force all of our news online are people still going to believe it is as reputable as before?

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