Are we living in a Digital Generation?

A digital generation, some would say we are surrounded by it while others will fight and say it does not exist. I would have to admit I am more on the side that says it does not exist.

First, I have always found the parameters of different generations odd. How can you classify me in a generation? How are you classified in a generation? There are too many outliers for it to even make sense to me. Then within this generation, I find so many people shaped in different ways and affected by things differently. This is amazing! This is what makes us human! How boring would our world be if we were all the same? Let me answer that for you, INSANELY boring!

When September 11th happened, I was in fifth grade. My mom came home from work early to explain everything to me. I was sadden and confused, but I had never been toNew York, I had never seen theTwinTowers, so I really did not understand. However, a girl my same age was living inNew York at the time. Her dad had to pick her up from school and run down the streets of New York with her while the towers crumbled in the background. Now this is contrast. How can we be the same person or have the same affect? We cannot!

In terms of digitally, I was a late bloomer in comparison with others in my generation. I did not get a computer until later on, I did not have an email, I did not use the internet, and frankly, I did not know how. However, with all that said, I also did not care. I liked playing outside and being a kid. I did not want to be shaped digitally. I also bloomed late on getting a cell phone. I use to borrow all my friends because they had them, but I had no need. It amazes me even to this day, that my five-year-old niece can operate an iphone better than I can. But it also does not come as a surprise to me as she is taking computer classes in preschool.

Oh how our world is changing!

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