Are we moving at the speed of technology?

As technology continues to grow at an outstanding pace, one can only consider the simple but yet undeniable question: Is society growing at a fast enough pace to keep up with the speed that technology is growing? I think that one must always keep in mind that as gadgets such as motor vehicles, televisions, iPads, smartphones et al forces society to keep up with the technological growths. Is this a fact or is this my opinion? Consider the automobile. Up until its widespread disbursement throughout the US, many people got around as much as they could and that way of life was just normal. But once this item as well as every other technological advancement became available to the general public, it became a must have to the “American Dream” lifestyle. What wasn’t a necessity before, within a matter of months now has become a necessity.

We know this to be the trend in many technological advancements, but although we are advancing with the technology, are we really prepared financially or economically to advance? A better question that rises: Is the technology industry pushing the envelope in this to keep the American society reliant on “The Next Best Thing”. Take for example, the iPhone or any Smartphone. Every six to eight months a new one comes out and because America lives on credit, many will go out and purchase it with money they don’t have and to “Keep up with the Joneses” they will spend even more money they don’t have to get a new one. Is this what the tech industry wants? I think so. They are advancing, but at what cost? What cost to society. Not very long from now, many people won’t be able to keep up with certain practices.  Some have already maxed out credit cards and their way of living just to keep up with technology. Who is to blame? Again are we really ready to move with the speed of technology?

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