Are Wireless Keyboards in Class Necessary ?

With advancements in technology there are always pros and cons.  In high school, taking notes meant writing everything by hand on to paper.  In college, taking notes went from typing on a laptop, to typing on a bluetooth keyboard linked with your iPad.  Writing everything by hand in high school was a burden, especially for me because of my sloppy handwriting.  But teachers loved it because they knew we were -somewhat- paying attention, rather than surfing the web or checking our Myspace.  Yes, checking Myspace.  In my first two years of college, I would take my laptop to every class to type out my notes.  That changed when a professor I was taking my sophomore year of college would not allow computers in the classroom while he was lecturing.  Was this fair?  I didn’t think so.  At the time, I was completely focused on how absurd he was for having this rule.  But after putting more thought into it recently, maybe it wasn’t so absurd after all.  Looking back, the times when I had my laptop in class to take notes, I really wasn’t taking notes.  I was either doing work for another class, or checking my Facebook and responding to emails.  With all of this being said, it brings me to my main point:  are bluetooth keyboards paired with an iPad a good idea for note taking?  While they are super convenient, mainly because of their portability, they have a downside.  They’re distracting.  This current semester I have four lecture classes, and in all but one of them there are at least five people taking notes via the aforementioned way.  Because it is such a new way to take notes, I just can’t seem to focus.  I’m sure I will adjust eventually, but for the time being, I will suffer.

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