Are Your Best Friends Really Your “Best”?

The term “best friend” is something that I think has been losing meaning. When you think about it, it can be easy to connect with someone on a superficial level but when it comes down to the true definition of a best friend, do we really mean it? I think it’s something that only time can tell. When we look back on life and see who was with us through the good and bad. Not saying that someone you think who is your best friend now isn’t a friend at all, I just think that the word “best” means a little more than that, and if it dos to you and your friend, then great! You probably have a great friendship but I know that the people you surround yourself with make you the person you are.

This quote from the teen drama Felicity is something that stayed with me:
“You shared a few things together, started to refer to each other as “best” but what you had never really earned that little. I had a best friend for 63 years, played in the Minors together, went to war together, 63 years. And here’s the fact: you can’t get a best friend. Best friends become. They don’t happen in a meeting or a year or 2. It’s a package deal—friendship. Only as valuable as what you put in, come through. Judging something like that after one year, that’s like looking for the final score before you’ve seen the second inning.”

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