Astonishing Asteroid Gives Evidence to Other Habitable Planets.

An extraordinary astronomical occurrence has left many in the scientific field astounded after an asteroid’s remains were discovered which closely resemble the Earth’s habitable qualities. The discovery of the asteroid’s shattered remnants, which were found circling a white dwarf star called GD 61, came about aboard NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope.

The asteroid’s remains prove to be so remarkable due to the fact that they harbor two essential elements for a planet to be considered habitable: it had an immensely rocky exterior and it contained a large amount of water. In conjunction, these two qualities form the basis of what makes any planet capable of supporting life. This terrific find has many scientists amazed, especially since this is the first time that such a thing has been recorded. Astronomers revealed that such an event gives evidence to the fact that the GD 61 dwarf star, as well as its surrounding planetary system, could have once contained extrasolar planets identical to that of planet Earth.

Undoubtedly, this wondrous find will prove to be a major advancement in what is known about the vast universe and its contents. Being that the Earth originally received its water supply from an asteroid similar to the one found orbiting GD 61, the remnants are evidence to the fact that a similar event could have occurred that would have created a terrestrial planet in that very system. Of course, this would have been millions of years ago but it is still an incredibly profound and significant possibility.

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