Australian billionaire shares plans to remake Titanic

Australian mining billionaire, Clive Palmer, announced recently that he has plans to shoot a remake of the iconic film, Titanic.

It was not that long ago that Palmer shared his plans to build a replica (with modern modifications) of the actual Titanic luxury cruise liner that lived a tragic fate over a hundred years ago.  Calling it the Titanic II, preliminary plans are currently in the works for its construction.  The ship is scheduled to make its déjà vu trip across the Atlantic in 2016.

It has been all the public intrigue in the rebuilding of the Titanic that has sparked Palmer’s interest in remaking the original film as well.  Apparently, it will be “a lot better” than the original 1997 film by James Cameron.  Palmer also says that it will “have a lot of actors from Hollywood, China and Europe who want to star in roles.”  He has also reported that this Titanic reboot will be a love story.

Although his plans of rebuilding the Titanic are being highly criticized, that has not stopped Palmer’s efforts in getting the film started as well.  “The script is still being worked on,” he’s said, “and of course we would be seeking major Hollywood stars and production people to be involved in the movie project.”

Although I loved the original Titanic film as much as everyone else, I am interested to see what a remake with all of our new filmmaking technology, and what seems like an unlimited budget, would be like.  One can only hope that Palmer will hand the reigns of production over to professionals that are equally as passionate but much more creative.

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