Avatar Takes Over Disney

On January 10th. Disney has finally started the development of Avatar Land at Animal Kingdom in Orlando Florida. This will be turning Animal Kingdom into a full day and nighttime area for the theme park. The park will be finished sometime in 2017 after the release of Avatar 2 (December 2016) and 3 (December 2017).

The park is being designed and imagined by James Cameron.  The park will include bio-luminescent jungle at nighttime and will showcase the floating mountains in the sky. There will be an attraction where you fly a banshee, which is a dragon/bird like creature from the film. There will also be a water ride that is rumored to be like the Pirates of the Caribbean one in Disney World. The Tree of Life will be transformed into the “Mother Tree” that was in the Avatar film.

My only concern with the new addition to Animal Kingdom would be the effects on the animals that are kept there. Will this effect their sleeping habits since the park will be open during the nighttime? Will the animals be out longer since the park will be open later, and could this lead to animal stress, depression or even death?

There are some plus sides of having this addition to Animal Kingdom. This will add employment opportunities to Orlando residents, and give current employees more hours due to the additional hours the park will be open. Tourism will be up since everyone will want to check out this imaginary world turned real.

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