Baltimore Woman finds a Renoir Painting at a Flea Market

Have you ever gone thrift shopping for a random find? Did you find something that you thought to be average but got it anyway not thinking anything? Well, just imagine that one of the things you purchased during your trip to the thrift store happened to be a one-of-a-kind rare and authentic painting of none other than French impressionist artist, Pierre August Renoir! Well believe it or not, it indeed did happen. The article states that a woman paid $7 for a box of variety of items at a West Virginia flea market just about two years ago. In that box amongst other things was Renoir’s painting. The article stated that she just wanted to use the frame that it came in for a craft project and was actually thinking of throwing the painting out. Instead, something inside her made her book and appointment with a local appraiser to see if indeed, this painting was worth anything at all.

When that day came, the article states that the appraiser was almost certain, just by the first glance that it was indeed that real thing! Nevertheless, the appraiser went on to check out all the qualities about the painting. They even did extensive research as to the way the strokes were painted on the canvas, which was a signature technique of Renoir himself.  On the back of the painting was a label written in French that read “ Painting No. 24349”. Sure enough, looking through the vast volumes of all of Renoir’s work recorded, they found the painting belonged to Volume One. The name of the painting, “Paysage Bords Le Seine”.


According to the article, the painting will be going up for auction at the end of this month on the 29th of September.  It also states that this painting at minimum could be worth $75,000.  It’s amazing how you never know where historical artifacts and rare treasures could end up. Ever since, business has been booming at the West Virginia Flea Market, of course.


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