Best Cities to Live 2013-2014

Its easy to consider the U.S. as the greatest country to live in, being an American, and though American cities may boast some of the best sites to see and great qualities of life, some of the best places to live in the world aren’t even within the borders of the U.S. Below is a compilation of the best places to live in the world based off of statistical data of the 2013 and 2014 rankings.

10. Copenhagen, Denmark– High living standards, great healthcare, and great leisure activities rank Copenhagen in the top ten places to live.

9. Bern, Switzerland– With its global neutrality and remaining the haven of international banking, this Swiss city also ranks as the #2 safest places to live.

8. Geneva, Switzerland– Geneva is home to some of the best private schools on the planet and is also listed as one of the greenest cities to live in. It will cost you to live here though.

7. Frankfurt, Germany– Frankfurt is considered one of the largest financial centers in Europe and also a large transport hub, giving it an intricate infrastructure.

6. Vancouver, British Columbia (Canada)- Vancouver is home to one of the greenest cities in North America and with its mild climate, its much more cozier than other Canadian cities.

5.  Dusseldorf , Germany- Dusseldorf is leading Germany in fashion and and art and is a major telecommunications hub.

4. Munich, Germany- Munich is one of the most financially sound cities in the world.

3. Auckland, New Zealand- Auckland has the best quality of life in the Asia-Pacific region and has made the top 5 safest places to live.

2. Zurich, Switzerland- Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland and is also one of the safest in the world.

1. Vienna, Austria- Vienna is the largest city in Austria and the main economic, political, and cultural hub.

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