Better Late Than Never, Decades Old Remains Found In Oklahoma Lake

Just this week in Foss Lake, Oklahoma, what began as a regular training day for the new sonar equipment in the nearby lake, ended as a possible conclusion to decades long small town mysteries. While training for the new equipment in Foss Lake, a small reservoir that is unusually around 12 feet deep, two vehicles were found with as many as six bodies in them. One car was a 1952 Chevrolet and the other a 1969 Chevrolet Camaro. The remains found in the vehicles seem to match the descriptions of missing peoples from the late 1960’s and the 1970’s.

One theory is that one of the cars belonged to a teenage boy who was supposedly on his way to a football game with two friends; the trio never made it to the game. The families were devastated and multiple sheriffs over the decades have tried to solve the mystery and have yet to have a plausible lead, until now. The second car could perhaps fit the description of another trio of people who disappeared in 1969, the driver and his sibling, and a friend. The driver allegedly appeared to have vanished, as he left all of his lights and appliances on in his home as if it were a regular day.

Investigators are currently working to determine where exactly the remains derive from. The overall goal is to bring closure to the families and the town that was missing loved ones without any rhyme or reason. However, the goal may take months even years to meet. With just a mere skull, a few bones, a shoe and water logged wallet, anthropologist are working to figure out the puzzle but the remains are immensely altered due to being underwater causing it to be very difficult to determine who the individuals are. The remains will be matched to the DNA of the loved ones of the deceased; another problem is that so much time has passed since the deaths occurred that the families are difficult to find. One son of one of the missing persons are 85 with dementia, is currently attempting to help investigators.

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