Beyoncé: Mrs. Carter Show World Tour

Few artists can say their concerts sold out within minutes of going on sale. Beyoncé has stayed true to her music and her fans through the years. Her tour has made headlines for breaking attendance records. Two unforgettable moments have also made headlines in just the past two months.

While performing her hit song “Irreplaceable,” on Sunday in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Queen B was unexpectedly grabbed and pulled into the crowd by an excited fan.  Being the pro that she is, Beyoncé continued to sing her song while a security guard pulled her back on stage. After the incident, Bey shook the fan’s hand and said, “It’s alright. Nice to meet you. I love you too.”

Beyoncé, however, is no stranger to fans pulling at her. It was nearly a month and a half ago that while she was performing “Halo,” her hair got caught in a fan. She stood very still and continued to sing the song until security guards came to her rescue once again. After the show she rewrote the lyrics of “Halo” to explain the incident to her fans. In the humorous post she writes “I felt my hair was yankiiiin from the fan that’s always hatiiin.” Hey, if you can’t laugh at yourself who can you laugh at right?

So how does she do it? How does the Queen handle these situations without panicking and running offstage? I believe the key is confidence. Anytime Beyoncé hits the stage with her embellished one piece and sassy dance moves she exudes confidence and elegance. Not even a mechanical fan or a human fan can knock her off her throne.

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