Big beer companies, such as Guinness, withdraw themselves from St. Patrick’s Day Parade

Late sunday night, Guinness decided to pull out of the St. Patrick’s Day parade according to CNN. Guinness’s decision came from several threats from big conglomerates saying that they will “stop selling Guinness beer if they continued to sponsor the parade.” Stonewall Inn, the gay rights icon, was one company who threatened Guinness beer along with GLAAD, the LGBT advocacy group, who said they were planning an anti-Guinness event according to CNN. Guinness stated, “We were hopeful that the policy of exclusion would be reversed for this year’s parade…this has not come to pass, Guinness has withdrawn its participation. Although parade organizers were no where to be found for a comment, Guinness’s announcement came several days after several other beer companies decided to do the same thing. CNN found that Heineken, a rival of Guinness, had also pulled out from the same St. Patrick’s day parade in NYC and that Sam Adams would not be sponsoring Boston’s parade for the same reason.

The St. Patty’s parade out in New York City has openly made it publicly known that lesbian and gay groups are not allowed to march. CNN says that it’s parade policies under sexual orientation does not allow LGBT groups (lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender) to wear any clothing openly stating they are gay or lesbian and are unable to hold signs identifying their LGBT orientation. Though Guinness will be missed in the St. Patrick’s day festivities, seeing as it is known for being a very famous Irish beer, the speaker of the New York Council congratulated the few beer companies on their decisions and standing on behalf of the LGBT community.

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