Bill Clinton wants to apology after arguments with protesters

With the New York primaries drawing nearer, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are in a tight race for delegates as the Democratic National Convention draws close. Both Sanders and Clinton have been campaigning both through live television interviews, along with going through New York.

On Thursday, Bill Clinton was campaigning for his wife in Philadelphia when a verbal altercation happened between him and Black Lives Matter protesters over previous decisions made by both him and Hillary Clinton.

He reportedly had a 15-minute exchange with protesters in which he felt “drowned out” by the protesters. Bill Clinton has stated he’s not against protestors or protests considering he was involved in a few when he was younger, however he wasn’t of the belief that he was “drowning out” the speakers.

Protestors, during the rallies, were bringing up past decisions made separately by the Clintons during the political careers. In 1996, as the First Lady, Hillary Clinton made comments about violent crime and youth. Protestors chanted “black youth are not super predators.”

In 1994 Bill Clinton signed a crime bill into law. The bill would attempt to lessen gang activity while also making longer prison stays for offenders who were non-violent.

Bill Clinton responded by saying, “You are defending the people who killed the lives you say matter.”

Protestors continued with their chants and responses during the rallies, despite anything Bill Clinton said. Mentions of Hillary’s involvement in the fall of Muammar Gaddaffi and her connections to Wall Street were also thrown into the mix. Signs were shown to say “Hillary is a murderer.”

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