Blogger receives backlash for idea about text-friendly movie theaters

Blogger Hunter Walk wrote a post about a new idea he came up with. His idea is that movie theaters should have certain theaters dedicated solely to people who wish to view blockbuster first-run movies without having to leave their various technologies and devices at home. In these separate theaters, he suggests a well-lit, cell phone and computer friendly, conversation friendly environment. Walk thinks these theaters have the potential to be very successful, since he would like to be able to write emails and send text messages while at the movie theater, without being yelled at by other movie goers.

After Walk’s blog post, the Internet struck back. Many people seemed offended by his idea, and wrote many response articles criticizing and insulting him. People were telling Walk he should just stay home, and that people like him were disappointing. After seeing all of the negative commentary, Walk wrote a post to clarify his idea. He did a good job at explaining the thinking behind his text-friendly movie theater idea, but people are still criticizing.

I agree with all of the people who think his idea is ridiculous. Walk explained that people always watch movies and TV at home while doing other things on their phones and computers, and he just wants to be able to do that with a new blockbuster movie at a theater. I can see his point, but on the other hand, why on earth would someone pay 10 dollars to go to a movie, and then not pay attention to it? I just thought his idea was extremely impractical. Walk did a decent job with his rebuttal blog post, but that doesn’t much change my and the rest of the Internet’s opinion on it.

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