Blogging Is Sharing

Growing up, I remember my parents or even cartoon educational shows discussing that sharing is caring. Well that still applies today for our generation. There is only 1 small difference. Rather than sharing things , we share ideas and thoughts through Blogging. Just through my RTV class, I’ve learned how to express my ideas vividly through blogging. I will explore this idea.

Today while I intern with the local radio station, I blog about entertainment media. I blog about sports, or just about anything that I find interesting myself. If Chris Brown and Rihanna are having some relationship drama, I’ll blog about that. Just about anything. To blog for a class grade, seems awesome and positive.

For class, I blog about different things I learn about topics in the book. I’ve learned that certain social medias are hindering us, yet technology is on a rise now. I now understand how different careers may lead to blogging. Blogging is sharing our ideas to others. I find it very fascinating!

Just to have freedom to write about anything and not be penalized. I think it would be cool to read and respond to different classmates blogs instead of discussions. When it comes to sharing, blogging is that powerful tool. I have come to learn and grow through this class and through blogging!

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