Bones is back! Season 9 premieres Sept. 16

Here is a recap of what happened in Season 8, the finale:

Christopher Pelant is a computer savvy serial killer. His intelligence has long outwitted the Jeffersonian team and FBI. He continuously taunts the team and tests their resilience throughout season seven and eight. Throughout the episode, everyone is convinced Booth is Pelant’s next target. They soon discover the target has been Dr. Sweets all along. Booth saves Dr. Sweets after almost being shot.

At the end of episode 24, Booth (David Boreanaz) receives a phone call from Pelant, who threatens to kill innocent people if he marries Bones (Emily Deschanel). For a fan that has followed the series for 8 seasons, the threat from Pelant is truly disheartening. The season ends when Booth follows Pelant’s order and tells Bones he can no longer accept her marriage proposal. She is surprised and deeply hurt by Booth’s decision.

What can fans expect in season 9?

Several different scenarios can take place in season 9. The FBI may finally catch Pelant. Pelant may be killed off. In either case, with Pelant gone, Bones and Booth will be able to follow through on their wedding plans. Isn’t that what we have been waiting for 8 seasons? The million-dollar question is: Can Booth and Bones weather the storm that is to come?

Season 9 of the hit series “Bones,” premieres next Monday night on Fox!

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