Bonnaroo Concert This Year Includes a Great Line-up of Artists

For all the Bonnaroo concertfans, this year will be pleasing. The 2014 concert will include artists, such as Elton John and Kanye West. The four-day concert begins on June 12 and ends on the 15th. Slated performers include single musicians ranging from Lionel Richie and Jack White to bands featuring Vampire Weekend and Phoenix.

It is a good idea to choose a wide variety selection of artists to Bonnaroo because audience members have different tastes in music. In that case, no one is left out at the concert. There is at least one artist that will suit a the different patrons who attend this event.

Furthermore, if music is not your thing, there are more than 20 comedians performing this year at Bonnaroo. Also each audience gets access to Bluegrass Superjams hosted by actor Ed Helms or Superjams hosted by DJ Skrillex and friends.

Once again the door to more opportunities is being opened to having so much fun. Looking at ticket prices which stands at a whopping $284.50 plus applicable service fees, it would be a waste of money if you do not listen to any genre of music. In other words music is not your thing. However fans of stand-up comedy will be able to laugh for hours upon hours.

This reminds me that Bonnaroo will running a 24-hour cycle with more than 125 bands playing on 13 stages. Access to the concert never does close within the 4-day concert event. When you look at the price of a general admission ticket, you are paying for all the entertainment you are receiving.

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