Brace yourself! Holiday sales are coming!

Thanksgiving has just passed and you know what that means! It’s time for Christmas music to fill our airwaves! The countdown is on for Christmas and the stores are getting ready to release sale after sale after sale to attract customers! The malls will be flooded with customers going in to stores hoping to save an extra 10% on their electronics. Christmas time also means that every video game company out there is getting ready to release a brand new video game and “just in time for the holiday season” and gamers everywhere will dish out $60.00 for a brand new game that will include downloadable content in order to get the people to spend even more money for that game. What happened to the good old days where the holidays weren’t so commercialized? Now every holiday comes with some sort of sale from stores. It just seems like the holidays have become a way for stores to make money and don’t even close on holidays anymore allowing their employees to spend time with their families. It seems like people have lost track of what is important during the holiday season which is spending time with your loved ones, not out at stores waiting for a sale to kick in.

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