Breaking Free from Breaking Bad: How One Show Captivated Millions

Millions of people around the globe sat gazing at their televisions last night as we were presented with the finale to a story that kept our attention since 2008. Its amazing how one show, based on methamphetamine production, garnered such a following. But how? What made this show so successful? How did they take such an overused idea, the good guy gone bad, and turn it into something so great? Well, it wasn’t just one aspect that created such hype, it was an amalgamation of factors that formed together to create this masterpiece.

For one, and probably what drew me in from the start, the camera work is absolutely incredible. Throughout the seasons, there were many DOPs working on the production but one man stood out from the rest, Michael Slovis. Slovis’ visual interpretations of Walter White’s reality placed the show on a pedestal of it’s own. His trademark upshots were matched by his incredible creative composition, making everyday situations come to life in unbelievable ways. Aside from the visuals, the story itself, though at first cliché, redefined what we look for in a protagonist. Walter White started off as someone with pure intentions, or at least as pure as possible in the drug world, and we all seemed to love him. However, as the seasons passed and we witnessed his transformation, then our love turned to hatred. Hate for the man who would do anything to save himself, no matter the consequence. This hate, in a strange way, was not completely straightforward and we were able to empathize with Walter and see that he did, in fact, have a soul with compassion for a few.

All said, Breaking Bad will go down in television history as one of the greatest sagas to ever be broadcast. I’m sad to see it go but the memory of such a masterful production wont soon leave my mind.

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