Breaking News in the Martin/Zimmerman Fiasco

By now, all of Orlando, all of Florida, and all of the nation is likely to have heard about the shooting of Trayvon Martin. If you haven’t, do you have ANY connection to technology? A newspaper maybe? Trayvon Martin was the 17-year-old black boy that was killed in Sanford by one George Zimmerman last February 26th. Trayvon was holding nothing but a bag of skittles and an Arizon Iced-Tea when he was shot down by the self-appointed neighborhood watchmen, Zimmerman. There has been a lot of attention on the case, locally as well as nationally. The debacle has turned into somewhat of a race war between those ignorant enough to partake. The Black Panthers allegedly put a 17,000 dollar bounty on George Zimmerman’s head, or something to that affect. Zimmerman shooting Martin has sparked some serious conflict between some members of society.

George Zimmerman’s father, Robert, recently spoke out in defense of his son, saying that Trayvon Martin threatened to kill Zimmerman and beat him rather violently. This apparently gave cause for George to shoot him. The beating was said to be so extensive that George’s friend told him that he was “cleaned up by cops at the scene.” According to CNN, ‘a police report says Zimmerman was bleeding from the nose and back of his head when police arrived at the scene of the killing February 26.’

The talk of Zimmerman’s injuries has been a new update in the case due to a police surveillance video from the night of the incident. The video shows Zimmerman in handcuffs, exiting the police car, and being checked on by police officers. Regardless of it being a low quality video, there is not apparent injuries that can be seen on Zimmerman. Trayvon’s mother, Sybrina, claims the video is yet another strong piece of evidence that shows her son was killed unjustly. George Zimmerman has yet to be arrested and charged with murder since as authorities claim, there is not enough evidence to show that he wasn’t acting in self defense. After all, we are a country that lives by the motto “innocent till proven guilty.” For the most part at least. I personally believe that the death of Trayvon Martin is upsetting, regardless of whether he attacked Zimmerman or not. I feel as if George Zimmerman could’ve easily fought off Martin himself, without help from his pistol. I would still like to hear all the facts, and let the justice system do what it is in place for.

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