Brought to Justice through the Internet

In Article 15 “Whence the Revolution” in our book Annual Editions: Mass Media 12/13 the covered subject is journalists and everyday internet users in modern day Egypt rising against their government and police officers to see justice.  It is amazing to read of something so interesting and intriguing, where injustice is being called out in a country that is not so familiar with such.  I believe that the internet is a portal for opinions and voices to be heard and seen and especially if it is used to clean up what the government cannot or choose not to see.  People in Egypt are expressing their right to be heard and helping others.  However media censorship does play a big role in any government and society.  It is important to have media censorship to limit people from going over and beyond maybe, but I believe people or at least most people know their limits.  I know Egypt isn’t the United States and vice versa, but at least Egypt is given the opportunity to voice injustice or anything they feel is wrong through the internet.  I understand that if a government has no tolerance from people who disrespect the government through anything including internet then censorship is necessary.  But keep it to a limit.  The internet is definitely  a positive aspect and should continue to be monitored not only for negativity but justice as well.  It is a great tool n any country and I feel with a story like this it gives other the guts to put others to justice too.  The internet is a very powerful tool.



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