Bruce and Kris Jenner Split Up After 22 Years

22 years of marriage and Bruce and Kris Jenner finally split. Many rumors have been going on for months about their split or for a divorce, but now, it is finally confirmed. When and if you were watching the latest seasons of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, you noticed the distance between the two. In one episode, Bruce even bought a new home in Malibu where has has been since spending his time.

A lot of people believe that Kris was just “too much” for him, even though 22 years is a long time and might have been too late to decide that someone is “too much.” People speculate that it could be because of Kris’ personality and the way she raises their children. Bruce likes his peace and quiet and he believes in strong and firm discipline. Kris, on the other hand, is the complete opposite. She has a very large and flashy lifestyle that she juggles on a daily basis. Her personality can also be labeled as “flirty” which can be off putting for a husband. She also likes to be more of the friendly parent to their two teenaged daughters which Bruce doesn’t always agree with when you see him on the show.

They have both confirmed their split and state that they are “happier this way.” Bruce and Kris also say that their relationship has improved with Bruce living at his personal home in Malibu. Kris Jenner says that they will still love each other and take care of their daughters together but as for now, the separation is the “best of both worlds.”

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