Cable TV Will Eventually Become Obsolete

As more and more millennials  are transitioning into adulthood there seems to be a direct correlation with the decline in cable. This is astounding considering the fact that cable has been around for several decades. The future of Television-based entertainment may be more associated with streaming On-demand sites such as Hulu and Netflix.

According to a report from the Experian Marketing services, in just about three years the number of people who’ve either never subscribed to or stopped subscribing to cable or satellite, has risen from 5.1 million homes to 7.6 million homes. Also, people who are subscribed to Netflix or Hulu are more likely to not have cable. It is estimated to be about 1/5 of Netflix/Hulu subscribers to not have Cable.

This may not be a surprise to most people. Using Netflix or Hulu is more convenient. People no longer have to “appointment view” their television programs. People can just watch their shows according to their schedule. Cable is getting more expensive. According to SNL Kagan, the avergae bill for Cable TV has increased 97% in just fourteen years. It is a tough economy and Hulu/Netflix seem like a great alternative. Mellinnials may never purchase cable in their lifetime. That is astounding.

However, the cable companies have been aware of this longer than anyone can imagine. They probably expected this even before the inception of Hulu or Netflix. Reason being is that both On-demand streaming services are internet based. For the longest time the Intenret has been neutral, but there is a court case making it’s way to the Supreme Court that will decide the fate of the internet neutrality.

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