Can Durant be the best scorer ever?

Oklahoma City Small Forward Kevin Durant has been an outstanding player since entering the league in 2007. Durant is most known for his shoulder shimmy at the free throw line. He’s always smiling and is does his best each and everyday to be a great role model for younger kids. However, Kevin Durant has been carrying this team on his shoulders due to the injury of All-Star Point Guard Russell Westbrook. The Oklahoma City Thunder are 14-5 since losing Westbrook. Thanks to the All-Star Small Forward, he’s been putting on shows for Oklahoma City fans and the world. Kevin Durant and the Thunder defeated the Miami Heat Wednesday Night at the American Airlines Arena in which Durant had 33 points, 7 rebounds, and 5 assists.

Durant has now extended the streak to 12 games to where he has scored at least 30 points or more. It is the longest streak in the NBA since Tracy McGrady had a 14 game one back in the 2002-2003 season. According to, in just six NBA seasons, Kevin Durant has scored 13,699 points in his career. Durant averages 31.3 points a game, and at the level that he’s playing at right now, he certainly has the chance to be the best scorer ever with his skill set. But, we all have to remember, he’s not in it just to put up numbers. From here on out and for the rest of his NBA career, it’ll depend on if he can prevent himself from having a serious injury. Everyone who watches NBA basketball knows how dangerous Kevin Durant is when he has the ball in his hands. He can knock down baskets down from anywhere on the floor.

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