Can Kanye West Ever Go Too Far West?

Ever since the creation of Hollywood, that era where celebrities were first glamorized, prior, solely inventors, political and or religious leads were in the public eye. After Hollywood expanded to what it is today, actors, musicians, artists and other artisans became the ones under the magnifying glass. In the latter decades, it’s been proven that even negative attention from the media is better than no attention at all. When its politics being scrutinized in the public eye, it could seriously harm their campaign or even their career. However, when your simply a singer and your job is more so to entertain rather than influence, whatever you may do, good or bad, may not ruin your career… it could help it.

All throughout history it is safe to say that scandals sell, the people love reading sensational headlines, making accusations and gossiping, it’s in their nature. Lately, with celebrities nowadays it seems that there is no ceiling to what celebrities may do or get away with. One in particular, Mr. Kanye West himself has seemed to keep his name in the headlines and remain a household name whether he achieved something great or spoke before he thought.

For instance, when Kanye fist emerged as an artist he was scrutinized, not necessarily because he did something negative, but because he was one of the first rappers to rap about god and religion and then challenge them to put it on the radio. Later, Kanye had the whole, “Bush, doesn’t like black people.” Statement, which was meant in the best way but not conveyed so. Then we get to the point where West finds no problem with interrupting a young girl’s acceptance speech only to discredit here on national television. In the latest news Kanye has announced that he has decided to run for president 2020, calling himself ‘Peezy if he wins. Just this week, the self-proclaimed genius, decided to audition for American Idol, singing a rendition of his own song, he was able to woo judges. Kanye’s goal was to get the golden ticket, and guess who’s going to Hollywood? I guess we’ll have to stay tuned this season to see how America really feels about Mr. West.

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