Catching Up with Christie

It’s been another great news day for CNN. Recently emails were released tying New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s top aide to the closure of George Washington Bridge. Lane closures cost commuters 2,800 hours collectively. Last September, Bridget Anne Kelly emailed traffic officials, asking to carry out the act, after Fort Lee Mayor Mark Sokolich declined to endorse Christie for reelection. In the email to Port Authority official David Wildstein, Kelly says, “Time for some traffic problems in Fort Lee.” Other aides have also been named in investigation. Christie terminated Kelly last Thursday. He unveiled this during a press conference on January 9th. In that same conference he condemned the actions of his administration, stating that he was “betrayed” by those closest to him. So far there is no evidence or testimonial directly tying Governor Christie to the incident; involvement which he profusely denies.

It’s been a while since the governor was a hot topic. Christie is known for his no-bull attitude, and the ease in which he crosses the aisle. These factors have gotten him a fair share of press in the past, from killing tax credits for the popular tv show Jersey Shore to being photographed touring areas affected by Hurricane Sandy with President Barack Obama. He hopes to take this to the Whitehouse as a presidential candidate in 2016. How he handles this battle, and of course whether or not he is or isn’t attached to this dilemma could play a key role in his success; but not necessarily in his failure. As the incident was localized, and not a national incident it’s not as likely to get people as riled up two years later as someone stuck on the George Washington Bridge, for example. We’ll see what else unfolds in the coming days.

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