Caught in the Middle: Combating the Urge to Sellout in Our Market Oriented World

As many of us within the Radio-Television program know, our business revolves completely around the dollars that the advertising industry throws our direction. These dollars, we are told, are the reality of the world in which our industry thrives. As a matter of fact, everything in the world kneels to the almighty dollar. However, when do you draw the line? When do you say no to the money and stand your ground for the things you believe in? The intangibles. Things that have no value in the “real” world.

Well it seems blatantly (and almost painfully) obvious that most people have never drawn such a line. When you flip through the stations on the radio, you hear your favorite hosts and D.J.’s spitting off sponsorships of this and that. To this I ask why? Why does this no-hold-barred D.J. care to sponsor the latest hair-loss treatment? Why? Money is why. Money drives people to decisions they would have looked at with disdain through their youthful and rebellious eyes. It pushes people to become what they may never have thought they’d be. But that’s the real-world, right?

I have an idea. A way to possibly save a little face and stay true to yourself when it comes down to the wire. I guess everyone has heard the “choose your battles” adage when it comes to selling out and it makes sense. It’s not worth the fight for something that is irrelevant and insubstantial. How about when it is something worth fighting for, something that will re-write who you are in order to make a buck for you or your business?  My friends, if nothing else remember this, you are nothing without yourself and your actions dictate the person you become. So the next time cash stands to remove your trueness, that’s when you stay strong, stand up to the money and burn that stack to the ground.

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