Cell Phones Are the Game Changers of Technology

Since cell phones came on the scene, they have completely changed the way we communicate. It made its mark on technology and was like “Boom. I am here to stay”. Like every  technological device, cell phones are ever evolving, getting better each year. Cell phones do not resemble the humongous cordless telephones like it used to when it first came out. Nowadays, cell phones are made up of delicate, lightweight material, and you know if you were to drop your phone you would be completely assed out.

If you think back to how cell phones have changed in recent years, you would notice some things that your current cell phone can do, that your old one couldn’t. For example, 10-15 years ago cell phones didn’t have apps and they didn’t have cameras. The only two things you could do were talk and text. Even then, a lot of people didn’t text because it was new.  The only game that I can think of that was available for play was Snake and some cell phones had Tetris. Presently, cell phones have millions of applications you can choose from. Whether you want to Facebook, Twitter, play games, check your email(s), YouTube, read books and magazines, download music, check your stocks, etc, there is more than likely an app for you to do so.

Also, cell phones have cameras on them now. Some even have two ( a front and back camera) where you can take your photo, edit it, save it to your phone or upload it within minutes. The qualities of these cameras also allow you to be your own “professional cameraman” without having to go out and pay a lot of money for one.

Cell phones have also changed the game because they allow you to talk on the phone while also being on the internet. If anyone were to ask you a question, you could automatically look up an answer within a matter of seconds without disrupting your phone call.

Cell phones have come a long way, and they keep getting better and better as the years go by. At the rate cell phone technology is going, 50 years from now who knows what cell phones will be able to do. Maybe, it’ll be a personal assistant, chef, babysitter, etc.

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