Change in drinking hours could effect college students

Orlando leaders have been recently discussing the idea of extending drinking hours in downtown Orlando and having most bars and clubs turn away under-21s after 10 PM. This new policy would affect many college students, since most don’t turn 21 until junior or senior year. College students who are already 21 would most likely be happy with the new policy.

College students would be unable to venture downtown to their favorite Friday night hot spots if this new proposed policy is enforced. On the other hand, college students who are of legal drinking age would be happy with the extended drinking hours. 21 year olds are always looking to keep the party going.

Orlando leaders came up with this plan because they are trying to bring an older, more sophisticated group of bar and club-goers to downtown Orlando. Younger people tend to get more raucous and rowdy (especially if there is alcohol involved) than older people, and this may be what is behind the creation of this new policy. If passed, there will probably be less conflict and fights in the downtown Orlando bars and clubs.

I can see both the positive and negative aspects of this proposed policy. If I was 21, it would definitely be nice to not have to deal with underage people and be able to drink later. However, being under 21, it would be a very upsetting policy. I like to go out and club in downtown Orlando, and if they started turning away underage people after 10 PM, I wouldn’t get to go out dancing with my friends. Orlando leaders are still trying to work out the kinks in the proposed policy, so we’ll have to wait and see what happens.

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