Check out the city of Orlando from 400 ft in the air!

That’s right! I- Drive has brought a new tourist attraction and it’s called the Orlando Eye! You can view the entire city from 400 ft in the air on a 360* rotation “ferris wheel”. This is the tallest observation on the East Coast. Take in beautiful views from lakes to theme parks even Cape Canaveral!

I went on this when it first opened a few months back and it was pretty cool especially because of the other stuff we got to do (mention down below)! So first, the Orlando Eye… it’s pretty much a giant ferris wheel with “capsules” that can fit like 10 people in each. It takes 20-30 minutes as it goes around in 360* rotation. You can even get drinks while you’re on it, but of course it costs extra when you pay for your ticket. You can either go on the Orlando Eye in the day time or night time, I chose night just because I thought it’d be nicer with all the lights! The times for the Orlando Eye vary, the last time to go on is midnight and tickets are $20.

But the best part to this (if you want to make a whole fun day out of it) for just $40 you can do combination tickets of 3 awesome attractions- Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, Sea Life Aquarium, and the Orlando Eye! All these attractions are smack in the middle of I- Drive, which includes a bunch of great dining options (even yummy ice cream)! Me and my boyfriend did this as a Sunday Funday and it was sooooo much fun and for an awesome price.

We went to the Wax Museum first and saw some pretty unique figures like Walt Disney, Oprah, Steve Jobs, Shaq, Grease, Will Smith, Taylor Swift, Michael Jackson, Anne Hathaway, even Shrek haha! That was pretty fun, make sure your camera is fully charged so you can take pictures with all of your favorites!!!! Next, we did the aquarium and I was pretty surprised at how cool it was. They have a HUGE jellyfish wall and you can change the colors of the jellyfish with the light that’s on the wall and take pics with the jellies. They have little tunnels where you can take pics and it looks like you’re actually in the tank with the fish… pretty neat. From sharks, to sea turtles, to dory and nemo they have the coolest and brightest fish in their place.

After that, we just grabbed some lunch and headed to the Orlando Eye! Before you get on they take pictures of you (if you want it, got to pay for it) to get you all hyped up. There’s no long waiting since you have your time to go on (ticket paid for online). Ended our night with some yummy ice cream and a beautiful picture from the outside with the Orlando Eye behind us. PS… it changes colors every night! This is such a cool and fun experience and it’s all for a great price. You can do 1 or all 3 and still have a great time with friends and family. Go check it out and have a blast!

Enjoy (:

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