Children’s programs.. Helpful or Destructive?

What ever happened to the good old days when children would actually go outside and play? It seems as technology advances the fewer children want to get out and be active. I mean… why go out and play soccer when we can play Wii simulating a soccer field? Why go out and make new friends when we have social media and virtual friends? Why open a book when we can watch a movie or show based on the same topic? Television is the main reason why children prefer to remain indoors. Although technology is not always a bad thing, it can definitely be harmful to the developing minds of children, especially when it comes to viewing of too much television.
As technology advances, it becomes more apparent that television has become a huge part of everyone’s daily routine. Programs are used to target children’s learning and developing minds. At least we think that such programs are helping our children expand their learning. Article 3 in the annuals edition: mass media (12/13) text book states that “program’s positive influences can be just as strong as a violent programs negative influences.” The articles explains that certain television programs intended to teach children right from wrong by acting out the incorrect or inappropriate behavior first and then explaining the correct behavior may actually cause confusion in a young viewers mind. This raises the question.. Are educational programs sugar-coating the destructiveness of viewing television at all? I am sure we can all agree that it is much better to allow the viewing of educational programs rather than violent ones, but should such educational shows replace books? In my opinion educational shows such as Sesame Street is a great way to teach children all about the letters of the alphabet, numbers and even about books itself but as research shows children may not be getting the learning experience we expect. Television should never ever replace the hands on learning children should be getting. So let’s turn off those television sets and open up books to expand those brilliant little minds.

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