Christmas Time is Here Already? What about Thanksgiving?

It’s November 20th.  For over the past 10 days, I have heard Christmas music on the radio, Books A Million employee wearing a Santa hat, and Disney decorating the Christmas tree at Epcot.  We’re still five weeks away from Christmas, what’s the rush?

I remember a time when Christmas celebration started properly, the day after Thanksgiving, aka Black Friday, aka when certain people lose their decency and run over and through people into stores to save money on electronic gifts for themselves or to give to others for Christmas.

Why are we celebrating Christmas so early?  Can we not properly celebrate the Pilgrims and Thanksgiving, first?

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays because even though we should be thankful for what we have on a daily basis, it is a reminder to do so on a random Thursday in late November.  I listened to a sermon at Summit Church this past Sunday, and the speaker talked about how when we are thankful it is better for our hearts then the person receiving the thanks.  It humbles us and we are gracious for the gifts we are receiving.  Why is this being overlooked in place of Christmas this year?

My wife has already started recording ABC Family Christmas movies on the DVR.  The Today Show focused on the Christmas Tree coming into Rockefeller Center.  Maybe I am misremembering, but I thought this season, especially this short week of school/work where we watched Thanksgiving type movies, ate less in preparation for Thursday’s feast and subsequent nap.  Did I miss the memo?

Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas.  I love that we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.  I love that we get the opportunity to spend time with our families.  I’m all in on Christmas.

But, I like Thanksgiving too.  I wish we gave it more proper attention this year.  Too bad Pilgrims, maybe next year.

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