Collaborative Learning beyond the Education System

The saying “two heads are better than one” has served as the support for every student’s argument behind a test, quiz, paper, or any kind of assignment. While it is important to develop the skills of individual thinking, the use collaborative learning stays with us throughout life. We are taught to find that significant other and together you work to form the best life possible, and if that doesn’t work you can always find another and begin a new chapter of learning. Collaborative learning is not just a skill used within the education system but in the workplace and other aspects of life as well. One should always seek an outside opinion on their work to make sure that they have all angles covered. It is so easy to become so consumed in one’s work that you tend to overlook any problems that may be associated with it. In the workplace, employers like to know the people skills that their employees possess. It is vital for firms to work as a complete unit and for all their components to be able to combine in order to make everything as smooth as possible. As much as teachers may shy away from the collaborative learning style, I definitely think it should be incorporated more into the education system. One is rarely going to be on their own as life progress so why not get children accustomed to it now. This would also help to bridge the gap that is forming in face to face contact and letting the social media world take over. People are always talking about how the education system should take that extra step and start preparing students for the real world, and this is the first step.

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